We are a Slovak company with German know-how in the automotive industry since 2001.

Our Vision

  • To provide high quality and reliable services to our customers in the automotive industry by supplying flawless and failure-free components to production process. We do our best to be the important partner in the suppliers´ chain, contributing by our work to the top quality of the final production of our clients.

  • We constantly aim to develop and improve HR policies and care about our people since they are substantial factor in the success of our business and of the clients´ satisfaction.

Our Values

  • We emphasize high quality of work in all our activities.
  • We use new, innovative technologies in our services.
  • We further develop the system of the employees’ education.
  • In cooperation with our customers we invest in complex long-term projects (WF).
  • We treat our employees and suppliers fairly on the basis of the ethical codex of our company.
  • We donate to charity projects.
  • We support projects in the area of development of the automotive industry in Slovakia (electric formula).
  • We live by family core values in our company.
  • We are financially stable and independent from financial institutions.

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Our Story

We started from ground zero:

  • in our private apartment, with our own personal car, with our private computer; we did not start quit as a garage company, in fact, we held our business meetings in our living room and it was connected with the kitchen, so we should probably say that we started as a kitchen company.
  • with thirty elder pensioners and one technician. They were mostly people who wanted to do something, be active and to earn a little extra money.
  • in VW we had one container serving as a technician‘s and a material storage including one company bicycle.

And it worked. We started very modestly and carefully, without any loans. We have been working on a simple principle – once we had earned money only then we invested in new things. From the beginning we have set up a high level of quality of our services. We focused on flexibility and well trained people.
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Holding Structure


Hot Line

Slovak republic

Bratislava (VW Slovakia)
+421 905 902 093

Trnava (PSA Slovakia)
+421 908 754 305

Lužianky (Jaguar Land Rover)
+421 908 754 305

Žilina (KIA Slovakia)
+421 907 752 059

+421 915 573 766

Czech republic

Mladá Boleslav (Škoda Auto)
+420 774 531 562

Trutnov (Continental)
+420 737 173 179

Frýdek Místek (Hyundai)
+420 739 565 727

Brandýs nad Labem (Continental)
+420 733 533 609

+420 603 174 865


Kaluga (VW Rus)
+79 109 186 861

+79 109 186 861


Györ (Audi Hungaria)
+36 202 300 934